The cazy life of Bastian, Jadie & Kendelle Cowsert

I hope you enjoy the laughs, cries and fun enjoyment of our family adventures.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My little Kendelle is 1

This past week was my little girls birthday! I can not believe it has been a year. One of the best years of my life so far! She is such a fun outgoing crazy joy to have in mine and bastians life! We decided to throw 2 parties one in Syracuse and one in American Fork for each of our families. It was alot of work and fun but we will never throw 2 party's ever again! :) On Thursday the 29th we had a party at my moms backyard. It was super fun, her poppy (bastians dad) and his fiance and her kids came. As well as our neighbors and friends. My mom and markie were super helpful and so it went alot smoother. (side note markie had the homecoming parade that night so she had to leave early... but on Friday night she was announce Homecoming Queen!!! That's my amazing sister :)) I think I went a little overboard trying to make everything. It took alot of time to personalize everything, but in the end turned out great!

In American Fork we threw a little one for some close friends and bastians mom and dad's family because they are all located up there! It was fun to see my two favorite friends and there little kids. Brittney has 2 twins that are so adorable and getting so big I believe they are 18 months old. Shranda's little chunker ( who by the way is thinning out very nicely, but i loved his chunkyness) Kleyton is now 9 months old! They were all playing together and having a blast! It was so fun to see bastians aunts drive all the way up there to celebrate with our little girl! and my mother in law who is so loving and kind and giving of her place and time to help us with this shindig.

I decided to make cake pops, which I will never do again! They were delicous and fun but they took 4 hours to long of my life. If you have never tried making them I would not do it unless you have lots of time and patience. I also made a personalized birthday banner out of scrap paper. It turned out adorable! p.s. I will post pictures in the next few days so you can get a idea of what they look like.

One of our favorite presents kendelle gave us is on her birthday she decided it was the day to start standing on her own. She is a little behind on walking, but I am in no rush to hurry her along :) She will now bend down and stand up for mins at a time and it is so fun to watch. When she first started doing it bastian and I would clap and so now ever single time she stands up she looks at one of us claps for herself then moves on with what she wants to do. It is adorable :)

On Tuesday we had her one year old apt with her doctor; she is in the 11th percentile for her weight and the 24th for her height! all together around the 45 percentile. I made dad come to this apt as he had never done any with her yet, i just wanted him to understand what us moms have to sit and watch at these apts. At first she was reaching for me wanting me to comfort her then she turned and saw dad was holding her so she cuddled up to him and just cried! It was so fun to see her want her dad to comfort her. Everytime he walks in the door from work or school her face just lights up and she is so happy. They are definetly the best of buds.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Rock Relay + ER room

So I realize that no one really reads my blog as I am still new, but I thought this past week was definetly one to go into the books. I have been training really hard for the Red Rock Relay in Zions for about 3 months now. I was running 3-4 times a day and about 20-25 miles a week. I signed up with my dad, Markie, Ramon, Bastain and my Uncle Joe. I was so excited to cross something off of my bucket list this week. Little did I know that was not in the plans. We arrived at Bryon Head and meet our team and that made me super excited. They were all like me just trying to make there life better, not really about winning but just succeeding. We started at 7 in the morning and the first runner Cevan was off. My van did not have to run until all six before us were done so we had a few hours to spare. Unfortunetly Bastian was not in our van, but my unlce Joe's sister Alice was with my family. ( She was a freaking fireball) after 6 hours in was our turn. My uncle Joe went first and conqured a freaking 5.8 mile hill that was a monster. Them Markie did like 4 hills in 4.5 miles and she freaking rocked my socks. My father did a 3 miler which was the top of the mountain at 10,000 ft elevation and blew the road away. I followed my father by running 6.4 miles straight down hill. I thought this would be super fun.... Let just say I would do uphill anyday instead. You can not slow down or control your speed, I have a pace for my short stubby legs and I like it. I could not keep that going down hill, it killed my knees and my toes got brused from being pressed into my shoes. It was a never ending road. At the very end I sprinted the last .25 miles when I saw everyone I was so ready to be done. I was so proud of myself for kicking that hills butt. This is where it gets fun, I had not felt great since that morning but kept pushing it off when ramon went to run after me I felt like my bowels where going to explode. I was sweaty and hot and could not relax at all. After Ramon and Alice freaking kicked butt on their trails we decided to go to one of our team mates homes in cedar city to crash. By then I had thrown up 2 times and lets just say had stoach issues. I decided to take a bath and try and get my muscles to relax. I felt great in the tub, then I go out.. biggest mistake ever. I fell straight to the ground I could not stand up and had to go throw up again. The pain was in my right abdomen and I knew this had to be more than food posioning. I had a gut feeling to go to the doctors, all I could think was this freaking feels like I am in labor. I finally made it to the ER and they got me in pretty fast. They told me it could be one of three things... Appendicitis, I could be pregnant, or cyst on my ovaries. My dad then walked in the door, and told me that it was just a stupid relay and he wanted to be there with me. I had gone bymyself because I did not want anyone to miss out on this experience. But when we walked through that door I was so excited I needed him there with me. 5 mins later my amazing sister had drove down from st george at 11 pm.. ( I freaking adore her!... most days :}) We called Bastian cause he had no idea what was going on, we told him the options and this was his very cleaver response... "It better be appendicitis!!!" Not ready to be a father again lol.. Anyways I am going to shorten this and spare all the details, but Saturday morning they did a cat scan and found out I had a cyst on my ovaries. Which to me was the best of the 3 options ( Cause if I was pregnant something would of being going wrong). I luckly made it to the end of the race to walk in with my team and to say goodbye to everyone. I was crying because I had worked so hard to do this and something came up that I could not control. I was so proud of my whole family. We were super cursed that weekend; Bastian knee swelled up and was in pain, Ramon sprained his ankle, Markie had a cold, and my father pulled his calf muscle a few weeks back and was hurting him! They all stayed strong and finished there runs. Markie was who I was amazed with, she was my running partner and they said she ended up running the harder of the legs and had the biggest hill that anyone ran and she kicked butt! I love you BOO!! I am so thankful for my family and all the support they gave me that weekend. They next week my mom took care of me and Kendelle from Sunday-Wednesday. Krista for driving up to take care of me. And for my Van and my Husband for finishing the race and having my back. I think that I am healed its been 1 day of no pain meds and I am feeling alot better. Sometime life isn't always what you plan for it. I am now going to start training for a half marathon in febuary and going to accomplish that task and cross it off my list! WOOT WOOT

Friday, September 2, 2011

Let's try this again!

Ok, so I have decided that it is about time for me to give in and follow the trends with blogging. I have decided it will be a great way to write about our life together as a family. Since I am not a great journal write I hope that this makes me write more. The last post I posted was about finding out that we were having a baby girl. That was more than a year ago! Here is a little update on our life so far.

Kendelle (our daughter) will be turning 1 year old on September 30th. She is her own adventure for just about anyone she meets. She is the light and joy of my life. She is a great beautiful smart little girl, with energy of a a baby dog on steriods. She doesn't just crawl around she speed fly's around the house. She is her own personality and I love it!

Bastian is my super hero he is taking 15 credits in school and working 30 hours a week so that I am able to stay home and be a mother to my child. This is his second year of school yet he is a almost a junior! He is the hardest working person I know. On top of all of that he is a amazing runner who is training for a 50 mile run in October and a 100 mile run in April. Talk about wanting to accomplish something huge!

I am a privelaged stay at home mom who gets to spend all day with her beautiful child. I also get to babysit my 5 year old brother Gabe every Tuesday and Thursday. I love to sew and do crafts and right now I am traing to run the red rock relay with my family next week. Then hopefully to run a half marathon.

This is my family and this blog will be about our life!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's a GIRL!

This past Friday we went to the doctors office for our 18 week check up. We found out that we are having a cute little baby girl! I am so excited that we are able to bring a beautiful daughter of God into this world. We do not know what we will name her yet as I feel I want more of a sense of who this little girl is. I think a name is very important and I do not feel you can name someone without finding out a little more about them. Our little girl will have so many friends as everyone I know right now either had girls or are having girls. The day we found out what we were having we went and bought her her first baby robe. Then my mother in law Nettie brought us her first outfit. It is this bright pink dress with pink shoes. We all know how I feel about pink, but I think it is something I will have to get use to. But I still refuse to have her room painted pink so we will have to get creative. My sister Krista will be finding out in just a few weeks what little creation she will be having and our girls first cousin. YAH for babies!